Family Support

The primary aim of the service is to offer support to families, individuals and community groups in the form of:

Information and Referral– If you require any information on community resources then I will assist in finding out what you need to know. If I don’t already have the information then I will get it.

Arrange Group Activities– Help in organising any group activity or educational courses.  Also provide venue and necessary support to fund these activities and courses.

Community Development– The      service supports and resources the development of community services and actively attempts to satisfy needs as they arise in the community.

Informal Counselling or Advice– If you have a problem but are not sure how you are going to handle it, or you are not exactly sure what the problem is, I will assist you to define the area of need and then arrange for the appropriate action.

Appropriate Cultural Services Referral– The service provides information about culturally diverse organisations and can make necessary referrals.

Education and Employment Options– Helps foster young people and adults in education and employment opportunities.  Such as what degrees are available at university and distant education options.


The Service is based at the Mt Marshall Shire Office in Monger Street Bencubbin .  It is funded by Department of Family and Children’s Services and implemented by the Shire of Mt Marshall.  The service is available to all members of the Mt Marshall community and also encourages the surrounding districts to take advantage of assistance to individuals and community groups.