Animal Control

Dog Registrations

Dog registration is compulsory for dogs over 12 weeks old, you can register your dog at the Shire Office during office hours any day.

Sterilised dog

  Standard RatePensioner Rate

1 Year




3 Year




Unsterilised dog


Standard Rate

Pensioner Rate

1 Year




3 years




Stock Tendering Dog - Sterilised 

1 Year




3 Years




Stock Tendering Dog – Unsterilised 

1 Year




3 Years





Ranger Services

Seizure and impounding of a dog $55.00
Maintenance of dog in pound (pay per day or part thereof) $11.00
Seizure and return of dog without impounding $55.00
Return of a dog impounded outside normal hrs $66.00
Destruction of dog $55.00
License to keep an approved kennel $100.00
Renewal of a license to keep an approval kennel $50.00
Transfer of dog registration from another kennel $5.50
Dog or Cat trap deposit (per trap) $50.00
Dog or Cat Trap (per day) $2.20



Maximum Number of Dogs to be Kept

The occupier of premises shall not unless the premises are licensed as an approved kennel establishment or have been granted exemption pursuant to Section 26(3) of the Act keep or permit to be kept on those premises more than­

a)       two dogs over the age of three months and the young of those dogs under that age if the premises are situated elsewhere than in a rural area;

b)       six dogs over the age of three months and the young of those dogs under that age if the premises are situated within a rural area.


Condition of Keeping Dogs

The occupier of premises on which a dog is kept shall:

a)       cause the premises or portion thereof on which the dog is kept to be fenced in a manner capable of confining the dog;

b)       ensure the fence used to confine a dog and every gate or door in the fence is of a type, height and construction which having regard to the breed, age, size and physical condition of the dog shall be capable of preventing the dog at all times from passing over, under or through it;

c)       ensure that every gate or door in the fence is kept closed at all times when the dog is on the premises and is fitted with a proper latch or other means of fastening it;

d)       ) maintain the fence and all gates and doors in good order and condition

e)       where no part of the premises consists of open apace, yard or garden or there is no open space or garden or yard of which the occupier has exclusive use or occupation, ensure that other means exist on the premises for effectively confining the dog within the building on the premises. This does not include tethering the dog within the premises



Item Section Matter to which section relates General Penalty Dangerous Dog Penalty



1. 7(1) Unregistered dog 100 200
2. 16A(1) Failure to give notice of new owner 40  
3. 26(4) Keeping more than prescribed number of dogs 100  
4. 27(2) Breach of kennel establishment licence 200  
5. 30(2) Dog in public place without collar or registration tag 50 100
6. 30(2) Owner's name and address not on collar 50 100
7. 31(3) Dog not held by a leash in certain public places 100 200
8. 32(4) Failure to control dog in exercise areas and rural areas 100 200
9. 33(3) Greyhound not muzzled 200  
10. 33A(3) Dog in place without consent 100 200
11. 33L(1)(a) Dangerous dog not muzzled   250
12. 33L(1)(a)
 & (b)
Dangerous dog not on leash in exercise area   200
13. 33L(1)(a) & (b) Dangerous dog not under continuous supervision   200


 & (b)

Dangerous dog in specifically prohibited area



15. 33L(1)(a)
 & (b)
Dangerous dog enclosure requirement not complied with   200
16. 33L(1)(a)
 & (b)
Dangerous dog not wearing specified collar   200
17. 33L(1)(a)
 & (b)
Dangerous dog signs not displayed   200
18. 33L(1)(d) Local government not advised of dangerous dog attack   200
19. 33L(1)(d) Local government not advised of missing dangerous dog   200
20. 33L(1)(d) Local government not advised of dangerous dog ownership change   200
21. 33L(1)(d) Local government not advised of dangerous dog location change   200
22. 36(1) Failure to take steps against parasites 50  
23. 38(1a) Dog causing nuisance 100 200