The Council

Shire of Mt Marshall Council has an elected body of seven councillors with specific powers, duties and responsibilities, set out in the Local Government Act.

Council is committed to providing open and accountable government that meets the needs of the community and protects and improves the Shire's assets and resources.

In addition, the councillors must abide by a Code of Conduct that further ensures they undertake their duties in the best interests of the shire and its residents.

A register listing Councillors material personal interests is maintained.

The Local Government Act requires elected members to declare any material personal interest in matters before Council and to remove themselves from any discussions or decision-making on that matter.

Under the Act, elections for Councillors are conducted on a biannual basis, with each term being four years. With one half of Council being vacant every two years, the next election to be held October 2015.

The Chief Executive Officer has the responsibility for ensuring all decisions of Council comply with the Local Government Act, other relevant legislation and local laws.

To find out who the current Shire Councillors are click here.