Building & Environmental Health

Mr Peter Toboss is the Shire’s Environmental Health Officer and can be contacted regarding anything relating to building, planning or environmental health. Peter works out of our offices every Tuesday and can be contacted on 0428 831 037.

Click here to read an information sheet containing answers to our most frequently asked building related questions.

I'M ALERT Food Safety

The Shire of Mt Marshall is pleased to provide you with FREE and unlimited access to an exciting new product that will assist you and your food handlers in gaining valuable skills and knowledge in food safety and hygiene which will help to ensure only safe and suitable food is produced at your food business.

This program is presented in an interactive, easy to follow, and entertaining format and includes the ability for the user to print off an acknowledgement form and a certificate upon completion of the program that can be kept as a part of your staff records.

This training program will assist food business managers in ensuring all staff are trained in this important area and thereby reducing any risk of food borne illness resulting from poor food handling practices.

It is recommended that all food handlers within your food business take part in this training. This is a great opportunity to provide all your staff with training that would otherwise cost your business money and a great deal more in time.

Visit to conduct the training now.

Once completed, a Training Acknowledgement Form can be printed and retained for your staff records.

For further information on the food safety topics within this training program, please contact your NEWhealth Environmental Health Officer on